What is MANDALA?

The word “MANDALA” is a vessel holding the holy water from Tantric Buddhism. We quote it to carry out our mission to safely load every bottle of Covid-19 vaccine under the ultra-cold temperature, and, as a solemn tribute, to all of those pharmaceutical companies participating in developing the vaccine, to fighting against the coronavirus for human.

What is MANDALA about?

MANDALA is a 45L Portable ULT Freezer, with featherweight (27kg, 59.5lb) and uncompromising size (31.10’×17.72’×21.65′), allows vaccines and some valuable samples stored at -70℃ to 10℃ to distributed anywhere in the world, efficiently and safely.

The exquisite volume possesses an extraordinary interior capacity (14.45’×12.87’×14.45′), as the first portable ULT freezer, compared with the similar type of product on the market, can precisely load the 5000 doses package payload(9.1’×9.1’×7.9′) of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine with the payload sleeve, vertically and completely, under the ultra-cold temperature condition, in accordance with the requirement from Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidance “Vials should be stored upright and protected from light.” At maximum, the freezer can hold nine trays(1800vials, 9000 doses) of the Pfizer vaccine under the guidance standard, and more than 20450 doses(4090 vials) of the vaccine when making full use of all the space. What’s more, if the freezer has insufficient run time to provide ample pre-cooling after booting up, MANDALA still has an adequate interior space allowance for pouring the dry ice remained in the Cool Box packaging as a supplement, ensuring the seamless transfer of vaccines into the ULT Freezer throughout under ultra-cold condition, removing various challenges and threats posed by traditional dry ice containers in the transport and injection scenarios.

The revolutionary TAJUTO system was designed to solve the unwieldy and unreliable feature of conventional compressors-based ULT Freezer. With spatial mobility, more precise temperature control, moderate energy consumption performance, and some other advantages were all equipped on MANDALA. The battery can last 6~8 hours at -70℃, benefited from the ultra-low energy consumption, is less than 3.6kWh/day under full-power operation. Moreover, it is still compatible with the DC power supply and supports plugging into any 100V-240V outlet all over the world by AC adapter. Equally important is the environmentally sustainable R170 refrigerant, eliminating the need for special export and import shipping classifications. 


How does MANDALA come from?

AoyoSeiki, another colleague belongs to Aoyo Group, collaborating with AoyoDenki to develop a cooling system, required shock-proof, angle-free, Freon-free, oil-free, and some other specialty safe enough to equip on racing-suit of racers. And it was then born, named “TAJUTO,” a brand new cooling system assisting racers in blocking outside the hot temperature of racing conditions when driving on the track. However, the safety, stability, and smooth operation of the cooling system have helped many teams achieve excellent results in many competitions while inspiring the freezer’s enlightenment simultaneously, with miniaturization and liberalization, for storage and transportation of the vaccines. Plus, the stable performance under extreme conditions in track racing also strengthens the research and development confidence. Therefore, MANDALA has been coming up. Removing a large number of using restrictions expands more application scenarios with the help of the TAJUTO system.

The birth of MANDALA also fulfilled Aoyo Group’s exposition of “Racing spirit,” Beyond Competition and Competition, as well as the exploration of technology and the pursuit of safety. It utilizes a set of vaccine cold chain and storage solutions to show its love of life blossoming in tension and danger, to demonstrate the wisdom and freedom shuttling both inside and outside the race track. Racing cars equipped with the AoyoSeiki engine on the track run freely with the help of the AoyoDenki racing-suits, to temper ourselves, quenching the MANDALA outside of speedway, to save people out from misery, and try to participate in and solve that one of the most urgent problems of human beings.

What is Mandala’s promise?

Please give MANDALA sufficient confidence that it will steadily perform all of the tasks entrusted to it, owing to the support under galloping technology and mature quality, combined with both the technical efforts of AoyoSeiki and AoyoDenki.

In the rare event that it breaks down or be damaged in unintentional circumstances, as long as non-human-induced by quality problems, a one-year free warranty is guaranteed to all those who believe in Mandala, in order to live up to your trust, and enjoin the duty on MANDALA should working stably all the time.

By the way, in addition to the -70℃ MANDALA, we still offer a -80℃ senior mode and -18℃ and -30℃ model at a much lower cost, are both have the same excellent quality and service guarantee. If you have any requirements of these MANDALA or any comments and suggestions, please do not save and let us know. All contact information has been available on the Contact page for your inquiries!